Living to glorify my God.


My parents had a great idea for a one year anniversary gift. One thing they do know is our love for Akron, which leads to our love for a local artist, Don Drumm. You can check him out here. He has had an adorable shop in Akron since the 60s, and it continues to grow. If you want a fun little outing or date in Akron, you can get lost in the Donn Drumm gallery for an afternoon. I do not recommend going during Christmas though, all of Akron is there.  

Anyway, for our anniversary mom and dad bought us a platter from Don Drumm! Whenever I am in his store I am drooling over his kitchen/cook wear. What a fun way to make cooking even better- being artsy! Anyway, mom said Caleb and I should go and help pick one out to make sure we really liked it.

If you remember, our wedding had a sun flower theme. Therefore, we were automatically attracted to this sunflower platter — here is a close up.



Thanks for knowing us so well mom and dad. I hope to serve meals on this platter for years to come and always remember our sunflower filled day in August.